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6000 J St, Sacramento, CA 95819

We bring STEM Professionals to Students so they can learn more about the many different and exciting Career Pathways that an Education can offer them.


Andy Duong

Andy Duong

  • Andy Duong

Andy Duong is the founder of Visual West, a Sacramento independent design house that has been generating success for businesses for over a decade.

Based in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, he strives to bring about compelling visual energy and fruitful results with all his work

Dr Shannamar Dewey

Dr. Dewey

  • Dr. Shannamar Dewey

Dr. Dewey is passionate about helping students from all backgrounds and levels of preparation succeed in college and is particularly interested in how they approach their STEM classes. She participated in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute- Integrating Medicine into Basic Science training program

Jaime White

Jaime White

  • Jaime White

Jaime White, MEP and MESA director, at Sacramento State. The program offers comprehensive, multilayered mentoring services to all freshman Engineering students. He is also a great advocate to bring more equity in the STEM fields and create more educational opportunities for students from all backgrounds.   

cool facts about sACRAMENTO, ca

Sacramento State University

Students choose Sacramento State because they want something special in a college experience. They come to receive an excellent education from top faculty at our seven colleges offering 58 undergraduate majors – all in a vibrant urban oasis just a few miles from California's Capitol.

Sacramento State graduates – more than 230,000 strong – are redefining the possible in every field imaginable. They are California's educators, nurses, construction managers, scientists and engineers, business and government leaders, and so much more. 

They are a major force in the region's economy and culture: More than half of the University's graduates stay and work in the area, and one in 20 Sacramento residents are alums.

City of Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is the star on the map of California - where you will find cultural attractions to inspire you, cutting-edge cuisine to impress you, history to enrich you and surprises to put a smile on your face. Venture out in any direction and you'll see why people are so fond of saying, "California begins here." 

Employment Opportunity in the Region

Sacramento is a prime location and compelling choice for your business. Its geography, qualified workforce, lower cost of living, access to government and education, quality of life, amenities and culture are all key ingredients that make Sacramento the place to be.


Sacramento is not only California's state capital; it is a growing metropolitan region with the seventh largest world economy. It is the largest city in a six county region, serving a population close to 500,000 in the city and nearly 2.5 million people in the region.

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