The Enov8 Conference is the vision of Bridgeline Academy Inc. We are a Nonprofit founded by Educators.

Our Mission is to plan and organize 1st rate Educational Events for Students so they can be inspired to choose career pathways that best match their abilities and passions.

We will bring guest speakers who are enthusiastic about helping Students and who share our vision of motivating more of them to become life-long learners.

We also want to give a platform to Educational Institutions, Companies, and Individuals who want to improve the Educational Experience of Students or equip Educators to better serve them. ​




Our Mission is to Attract, Motivate, and Inspire High School and College Students from all backgrounds and communities who show academic potential to succeed in the STEM Fields.

First, we will Identify and Facilitate the Onboarding of High School Students who have demonstrated proficiency in Math and Science into impactful STEM Programs in their local area to help them get Mentoring, Role Models, Academic Guidance, and Tutoring.


Secondly, we will connect Students in the first two years of College with Mentorship Programs because those years are the most critical for their future success in the STEM fields since it is when they are the most at risk of dropping out of STEM majors to pursue other studies.


Finally, we believe that they are many quality Educational Programs, Organizations, and Companies with dedicated, smart people that work tirelessly who have the same goals, values, and vision of giving the Youth of today the best opportunities to succeed in the STEM fields of tomorrow. Our goal is to be a conduit and an extra voice to help them reach as many students as possible. Working together we will not only increase the number of STEM fields professionals in the US to compete in the global market but we will also create more social and economic opportunities for many underserved groups.