Co-Founder / CEO

Dominique Bukasa has been an educator in Higher Education for more than 10 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge in working with Students from diverse communities. He also has over 15 years of event management experience.



A lifelong Educator, Rich Ressa has over 25years of experience working with at risk students from the inner cities. He has created and developed curriculums and educational programs to help them transition from High School to Junior Colleges, Universities, and Work Training Programs.


Curriculum Adviser

Dr. Shannamar Dewey is a College Professor who passionately teaches science. She also mentors students and has led workshops to teach them how to prepare to academically succeed in the STEM fields. She was the winner of the prestigious Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship Program Award in 2012.

Sabrena Hernandez2.jpg

Event Coordinator

Sabrena Hernandez brings a variety of skills and experience in Event Management to Enov8. She has worked with Sacramento State University’s Wellness Center, The University of Pacific’s Athletic Department, and the Gia Project in Stockton, CA.