We bring STEM Professionals to Students so they can learn more about the many different and exciting Career Pathways that an Education can offer them.


Dr Abel Fernandez

Dr. Fernandez

  • Dr. Abel Fernandez

Dr. Abel Fernandez is Professor and Director of the Engineering Management Program at the University of the Pacific, Stockton, California. He obtained his Ph.D. degree under the sponsorship of a NASA Graduate Student Research Fellowship, working at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Dr Shannamar Dewey

Dr. Dewey

  • Dr. Shannamar Dewey

Dr. Dewey is passionate about helping students from all backgrounds and levels of preparation succeed in college and is particularly interested in how they approach their STEM classes. She participated in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute- Integrating Medicine into Basic Science training program

Sonny Walebowa

Sonny Walebowa

  • Sonny Walebowa

Sonny Walebowa started writing stories in Botswana in his early teens. He came to the US on a scholarship to pursue a degree in Film and Television. To write stories that inspire meaningful leadership, Sonny further obtained Masters in Executive Leadership. He has written a juvenile book on Nelson Mandela, poetry and just published a safari-adventure novel called "ADVENTURES IN VANGOLAND"

cool facts about stockton, ca

University of Pacific

The University of Pacific is well known for its Pharmacy and Dental School. It is an ideal place for students who want to be part of a community and get more individual support from their instructors. According to U.S. News, UOP has one of the highest freshmen students satisfaction rate at 85%. UOP has an enrollment of 6,128 (53% Female) with a 12 to 1 student-faculty ratio.

City of Stockton, CA

Stockton's convenient position (in terms of both geographic proximity and workforce commute patterns) vis-à-vis the Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, is maximizing its potential to capitalize on that region’s increasingly high costs as a place to live and do business. That potential is based on Stockton’s status as a port city and its growing connection to the dynamic Silicon Valley region and by implementing business development efforts that are international in scope.

Employment Opportunity in the Region

Stockton is the epicenter of San Joaquin County. With the University of Pacific and San Joaquin Delta College supplying the next wave of professionals to work with companies in the region such as Dameron Hospital, Tesla, Amazon and Inland Flying Services. The Valley is also the home of some of the best agricultural and manufacturing companies in California. 

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