Volunteer your Time

  • To help at the Conferences or Workshops

  • Mentor a Student

  • Tutor a Student

Volunteer your Knowledge or Expertise

  • As a Keynote Speaker

  • Sharing your Curriculum

  • As an Advisor

  • By giving Pro-Bono Services


Donating Opportunities

  • Donate Time

    • Keynote Speaker

    • Training and Certifications

    • H.R. Advice for Career Day

  • Donate Software

  • Donate Hardware

  • Donate Curriculum

  • Donate a Venue

    • For a Conference

    • For a Workshop

    • For Classes

    • For a Campus/Office Tour

If you are interested in volunteering or donating to an Enov8 Conference near you, please Email us at info@enov8conference.com